A day at our school

Our day starts at 9:00
Optional early morning drop off 8:00 – 9:00

DSC_0971The children are dropped off between 9:00 and 9:15


Our Day Begins


A teacher will greet them and bring them to the classroom where the children hang up their schoolbag, put their snack on the snack shelf and change into their indoor shoes.

cubby shot
We all wear slippers in the classroom because it is quiet, clean and comfortable. We spend much time working on the floor so slippers keep fingers from getting hurt if they get stepped on.

DSC_1036Once their slippers are on, the children find their name in the morning circle.  Morning circle is a time to greet the day.  We read stories, have a morning prayer, sing a good morning song and stretch.



Then the teacher presents lessons on any new materials that are on the shelves that day.  Each day we change out 2 or 3 different activities to keep it interesting.

The children are dismissed one at a time from morning circle to find work in the classroom. They spend the next hour and a half choosing work in the classroom.

Snack Time

The children have snack throughout work time as they get hungry.  If a child has not had his/her snack (too busy, forgot, or wasn’t hungry during work time) they may have their snack outdoors on the picnic table during our outside time.

Second Circle


After work time we ring the bell.  The students put their work away, roll up their rugs and come to a second circle time.  During this circle time we do large movement activities, the calendar, the weather and show and tell.

They each have classroom jobs to do it may be feeding the fish, rug roller, prayer, water plants, carpet sweeper, wipe down tables, dust the shelves, sport the pencils, empty trash, empty water buckets, wipe slides outside, etc.,


DSC_1030Then we dismiss them one at a time with some control of movement activity these include: balancing, walking on a line, silence game, freezing on cue, care of books, or how to: carry a tray,  carry a chair, carry a table, rolling a rug, put on/fold/roll an apron, or handle sharp objects- such as scissors.

They change back into their shoes, and we spend the last half-hour of the day on the playground.  We will bring the children to your vehicle between 12:15-12:30 for dismissal.

Our day ends at 12.30

There are several areas in the classroom:
Practical life

Includes activities using tools, pouring, sorting, and dressing frames to reinforce fine motor skills, concentration, coordination, independence, and order.
Language area

Starts very simply with sequencing and matching and goes through letter sounds, matching pictures with initial sounds, matching words with pictures – all the way through reading.
Math area

Also starts simply with one to one correspondence and making sets, and then moves through 1 -10 work, the teens, 1- 100 work, the decimal system and then goes all the way through addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
Geography and science area

Includes continent studies, puzzle maps of the continents, and simple science projects like sink or float, magnetic or non-magnetic.
The sensorial area 

Includes works having to do with the senses. Materials include visual, tactile, baric, thermic, auditory, olfactory, gustatory and stereogonstic.