Supply list

Supply List

Please link your Harris Teeter VIC card to number 4174 to participate in the “Together in Education” program.


The following supplies need to be sent in by the first day of preschool.  You can bring them to the new student orientation or send them with your child on the first day.

  1. One pair of “indoor shoes” to be worn whenever in the classroom. Small slippers (no giant cartoon characters, please) that will stay on your child’s feet work best as they are both comfortable and quiet.  These shoes will be kept in your child’s cubby.  Your child will change into their indoor shoes whenever entering the classroom.
  2. A complete change of clothing labeled in a gallon size zip-lock bag. As your child grows and the seasons change, you will need to make sure this spare set of clothing is changed.
  3. A photograph of your child to be placed in the child’s cubby along with their name label.
  4. When buying school shoes for your child please keep his or her independence in mind. Shoes that slip on or have velcro closures allow your child to be successful in changing his or her own shoes.
  5. Please do not go buy a school bag or lunch box. Because we have limited space, we provide a school bag, and we ask that you send your child’s snack in a small bag with their name or labeled